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Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
The ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I provides guidelines for the application of Rupture Disc Devices in
combination with pressure relief valves. The following summary is from the ASME Code, Section VIII, Divi-
sion I UG 127. A Rupture Disc Device may be installed between a Pressure Relief Valve and the Vessel
provided: The combination of the spring loaded Safety Relief Valve and the Rupture Disc Device is ample
in capacity to prevent the pressure in the vessel from rising more than 10% above its design pressure.
Since the capacity of a Relief Device is measured at 10% above its stamped setting, the setting cannot
exceed the design pressure of the Vessel. Use of a Rupture Disc Device
in combination with a Safety Relief Valve shall be carefully evaluated to
ensure that the media being handled and the valve operational character-
istics will result in pop action of the Relief Valve coincident with the burst-
ing of the Rupture Disc.
The stamped capacity of a spring loaded Safety Relief Valve when in-
stalled with a Rupture Disc Device between the inlet of the valve and the
vessel shall be multiplied by a factor 0.90 of the rated relieving capacity
of the Relief Valve alone.
The space between a Rupture Disc Device and a Safety Relief Valve
shall be provided with a Pressure Gauge, or suitable Telltale Indicator.
This arrangement permits detection of Disc rupture or leakage. Be
warned that a Rupture Disc will not burst at its design pressure if back pressure builds
up in the space between the Disc and the Safety Relief Valve which will occur should
leakage develop in the Rupture Disc due to corrosion or other causes.
The “SENTRY” Rupture Disc Assembly/Relief Valve Combination
is shown in its Normal operating condition with System Pressure
only under the Rupture Disc. (See top pressure gauge.) The
“SENTRY” Rupture Disc Assembly/Relief Valve Combination is
shown with the Disc ruptured by High System Pressure. Note the
System Pressure in the Chamber beneath the Relief Valve.
(See bottom pressure gauge.) The Relief Valve has discharged
but reclosed, preventing the entire refrigerant charge from
escaping into the atmosphere. Note: Relief valve, pressure gauge
and pipe plug not included with “SENTRY” Rupture Disc
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