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SSI-UR200 Universal Electronic ignitor
Dongan Univeral Replacements are available for every service need - Electronic, Electronic
Replacement Kits, OEM-Iron Core, and LJH-90A® & LJH-90C® Multiformer. They are engineered
to fit the most common applications with base plates and replacement terminals on most of the
popular OEMS. Many competitors base plates may be attached as well.
SSI-RK01 Electronic Replacement Kit
The Dongan Field Service Replacement Kit is a handy way of
keeping several universal replacement ignitors and the most
common baseplates and replacement terminals for all the most
popular OEMS.
Ignitors: 2 SSI-UR200 Ignitors
Base Plates: 1 E202WN - Wayne 2 E103BK - Beckett
E204BK - Beckett 1 E205CR - Carlin
E208WN - Wayne 1 E211AR - Aero
Accessory / Terminal Pack
LJH-90A® & LJH-90C® Multiformer
Universal Transformer,
Volt M.P.G.
LJH-90A, 120 Volt Primary
LJH-90C, 240 Volt Primary
Other voltages available on request)
Transformer Tester
Not Suitable for SSI Series)
Checks Transformers under Actual Operating Conditions
Checks Mid-Point and End-Ground Transformers
Checks Line Voltage
Rugged Steel “Tool Box” Carrying Case
Analog Input / Output Meter
H.V. Cable
GT-10 10,000 volt spark cable
GT-15 15,000 volt spark cable
Universal Replacement Systems - Tester
LJH-90A Universal Iron Core
Universal OEM - Iron Core Replacement
The XD-UR200 replaces most OEM Iron Core transformers
when equipped with the appropriate replacement base and
terminals. It is conveniently designed to allow the attachment
of many competitors baseplates
Iron Core Transformer Tester
XD-UR200 Universal OEM Iron Core
Electronic Replacement Kit