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Danfoss is a leading global player
within the development and
production of mechanical and
electronic products and controls.
Since 1933, our extensive know-how
has made modern life easier and we
continue to break new ground within
our core business areas.
Every day, more than 250,000 items
are produced at 70 factories in 25
countries. Impressive as these figures
are, we are most proud of the way our
dedicated employees apply the high-
quality components in customer
solutions, adding value to the end
products. Building strong partnerships
is of great importance to us, because it
is purely by understanding our
customers’ needs that we can meet the
expectations of tomorrow.
This is also true in Industrial
Automation, a Danfoss entity
dedicated to focusing on the industrial
world of today. Through us, you gain
access to the entire Danfoss pool
of technologies, with special
emphasis on sensors and controls.
We offer safer, more reliable and
more efficient solutions in a close
cooperation based on firm values.
Danfoss A/S, Industrial Automation
DK-6430 Nordborg · Denmark ·
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