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An outstanding temperature sensor
performance is characterised by:
• The element
• The ability to react fast and precise
• The packaging
Depending on the equipment different
element technologies can be applied:
• RTD (Pt100/Pt1000) – for standardised
signals and high accuracy the RTD’s
are a perfect choice:
• Thermistors (NTC/PTC)
– the optimum solution for OEM
equipment in large volumes.
• Thermocouples
– a well-known technology for high
temperatures and heavy-duty
If required the temperature sensor can
also be delivered with a transmitter to
get an analogue signal:
• 4-20 mA
• Voltage
• Ratio metric
The ability to react fast and precise
Special care has been put into the
design of the sensor in relation to the
reaction time. A specially developed
sensor element fixture ensures contact
between the element and the housing
material in order to secure a fast heat
transfer from the media to the sensor
element. On top of this the sensor
construction ensures minimum
radiation of heat, which results in a
measurement very close to the actual
temperature of the media.
Temperature sensors that can take the heat
The sensor design offers
long-life stability through:
• High shock and vibration stability
• High enclosure grade
(special cases up to IP 69K)
• Flexible choice of sensor material:
• Stainless steel (AISI 316)
• Brass
• Gold plated contacts to
secure flawless signal
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