ICPS600A402_1_oms - page 8

IC.PS.600.A4.02 / 520B2809
Test pressure
Tightening up
The pipes on both sides of the valve must be
securely fastened.
When applying test pressure: All valves in the
system must be open. There are three ways of
doing this:
1. By applying voltage to the coil
2. By opening the valves manually(when the
manual override accessory is fitted)
3. By connecting the Danfoss permanent mag-
net (see Tools, page 40)
Note that the manual opening unit is
as standard, but as an accessory for EV220B 15-50
valves (see page 31).
Remember to screw the opening unit back
(CLOCKWISE) before starting up the system, other-
wise the valve cannot close.
Always use counter-force when tightening up pipe
connections, i.e. use a spanner on both the valve
body as well as on the pipe connector (as shown).
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