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Flow direction
Water hammer is a typical result of high liquid
velocity (high pressure and high flow velocity
through small pipe diameters).
There are several reasonable solutions to the
A: Reduce the pressure by installing a pressure
reduction valve ahead of the solenoid valve. If pos-
sible, increase the pipe diameter.
B: Damp the water hammer by installing a flexible
hose or flexible buffer ahead of the solenoid valve.
C: Use a solenoid valve of the type EV220B 15-50.
The equalising orifice can be replaced by a version
with smaller diameter. This gives a longer closing
time (see “Spare parts” and “Opening and closing
Water hammer
To be able to operate correctly, all solenoid valves
must be installed with the arrow cast on the body
pointing in the direction of flow.
Equalising orifice
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