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IC.PS.600.A4.02 / 520B2809
Eco Management and Audit Scheme
Danfoss recognises environmental management
as one of the top corporate priorities, and we
consider ourselves as being among the most envi-
ronmentally conscious companies in our branch of
industry. In order to promote sustainable develop-
ment we will prevent, limit and as far as possible
eliminate environmental effects.
Having ISO 14001-certification and EMAS
istration proves these traditional Danfoss values
to be fully implemented in the Industrial Controls
Danfoss high quality level also applies to our valve
range. Continuous monitoring of all processes in
the valve factories ensure a uniform, high quality
level is achieved by the international standard ISO
9001 approved quality assurance system.
This means that Danfoss complies with the require-
ments on product development, design, produc-
tion and sales.
Quality approval
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