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Fault location
Solenoid valve does not close/partly closes
Possible cause
Dirt in valve seat/dirt in armature
Components missing after valve
Fit missing component(s)
Valve installed wrong way round
Check liquid flow direction and make sure the arrow is
pointing in the same direction.
Corrosion, pilot/main orifice
Replace defective components.
Clean valve; if necessary, replace defective components
Diaphragm upside down
Check correct installation of valve
Defective valve plate, diaphragm
or valve seat
Check pressure and liquid flow.
Replace defective component(s)
Damaged/bent armature tube
Replace valve.
Pulsation in pressure line.
Differential pressure too high in
open position.
Pressure on outlet side periodically
higher than pressure on inlet side.
Check valve data.
Check pressure and liquid flow.
Replace valve with one more suitable.
Check rest of installation.
Manual opening unit cannot be
screwed back after use.
Check position of opening unit and adjust as necessary.
Dirt in or closed pilot orifice/equa-
lising piece
Clean orifice with needle or similar (max. dia. 0.5 mm).
Blow clean with compressed air.
If necessary, replace defective component(s).
Voltage remains on coil
First lift coil slightly and note whether it offers
Note: Never remove a coil with voltage applied - it might
burn out.
Check wiring diagram and wiring.
Check relay contacts.
Check lead connections.
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