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IC.PS.600.A4.02 / 520B2809
Flexible and user-
Danfoss solenoid valve bodies and electrical
coils are normally supplied separately and
then combined together. They are assembled
quickly and simply without any tools. This
provides optimum product flexibility and
availability. If a coil does need to be replaced
then it can be done without stopping or
draining any system.
The solenoid valves are also available as
assembled units if required.
One call and
you’re in control
One call to Danfoss gives you access to an entire range of high-quality industrial controls.The Danfoss line encompasses
components for industial monitoring and control systems based on the principles of pressure and temperature
measurement, electrical power, and fluid control, and includes:
• Electro-mechanical contactors
• Electronic contactors and motor controllers
• Pressure and temperature switches
• Pressure transmitters
•Temperature sensors and transmitters
• Solenoid valves
• Externally operated valves
•Thermostatically operated valves
Given their important monitoring and control functions, Danfoss components are designed for accuracy, reliabillity
and long life. And our determination to guarantee a high-quality product is matched by an equally strong commitment
to customer service. A specialist in the Danfoss industrial controls group can advise you on product selection and
configuration, based on long experience in your industry.You’ll find that with sales and service centers in over 100
countries, Danfoss is usually only a local call away.
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