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In systems with contaminated media there is a risk of moving parts in a valve
not working as intended. Dirt is the most common cause of function failure in
solenoid valves. To help avoid this problem we suggest the fitting of a filter on
the upstream side of the valve.
Coil voltage and power
It is necessary to know which voltage (Volt a.c./d.c. nominel ± 10%) is available
within an application to select the correct coil. The maximum permissible
differential pressure can also be increased by fitting a more powerful coil.
The coil power depends on the type of coil (BA,BB,AC,AM etc.)
Other environmental factors
In wet or very humid environments, coils with IP 67 enclosure classification must
be used.
Valve function
Most industrial systems operate with a de-energised closed valve (NC = normally
closed). Our valve range also offers de-energised open valves (NO = normally
open) for applications requiring this feature.
How to Choose
Water hammer
All piping systems with relatively high flow rates are susceptible to water ham-
mer when a valve is opened or closed. A damped solenoid valve ( eg. EV220B
15-50) should be used if there is a risk of water hammer. After installation the
valve can be adjusted for water hammer by changing a replaceable equalising
See "Spare parts"
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