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IC.PS.600.A4.02 / 520B2809
The characteristics of the medium
The valve have been designed for use with different media.
In general the following is valid:
Valves containing EPDM-rubber are suitable for water and steam*.
Valves containing FKM-/NBR-rubber are suitable for oil and air.
Incorrect use of valve types
1) If a valve containing EPDM-rubber is used for a medium containing oil
(compressed air normally contains particles of oil from the compressor)
the rubber will expand and the valve will not be able to function optimally.
2) A valve containing FKM-/NBR-rubber can be used for water. However for
servo-operated valves, the water temperature must be kept below 60°C for FKM,
90°C for NBR. If this temperature is exceeded it will have a negative effect on the
life of the valve.
Other media
For slightly aggressive media (e.g. demineralised water) dezincificationresistant
brass valves must be used. Stainless steel valves are used for more aggressive
*For steam temperatures above 120°C there is a type of valve especially designed for
Other conditions:
Ambient temperature
The ambient temperature must be within certain limits for the coil to function
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