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How to Choose
Media conditions:
The valves are designed to resist the temperatures normally found in industrial
If the temperature is outside these limits, there is a risk of the valve not
functioning correctly because of, for example, rubber materials becoming hard.
Exceeding the temperature rating can also result in the shortening of valve life.
If the valve is to be used in a special application, with a temperature in excess of
the rated limits, there are valves available in the product range which have been
designed for use in higher temperature systems.
Operating pressure
Valves in the standard range are designed for pressure of max 6-30 bar - the
actual figure depends on the type of valve.
The product range includes valves for special application, designed for pressures
of up to 80 bar. The large standard range combined with these valves enable the
use of Danfoss solenoid valves for all types of systems, wether with normal or
more extreme inlet pressures.
Differential pressure/ MOPD
- Difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure (∆P = P1 - P2).
- Max. permissible differential pressure against which the valve can open
- Also specified as MOPD:
- MOPD specifies the differential pressure value in worst case:
100 % duty rate
Maximum medium and ambient temperature
Nominel voltage, typically -10%
Specified pressure is often limited by endurance demands more than MOPD
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