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IC.PS.600.A4.02 / 520B2809
The cable must be installed as shown in the
illistration to avoid water running into the
terminal box.
Cable connection
Check to ensure that the coil operating voltage is
correct (see text on coil, in “Volt”). Also ensure that
the data is correct (voltage and frequency) and
matches the supply. If the two sets of data do not
correspond, the coil might burn out.
As far as possible, always choose single-frequency
coils; they give off less heat than double-frequency
The coil has three pins. The middle pin is marked
according to the illustration (left) and must be
used for earthing.
The two other pins are coil terminals and either
can be used for the phase or neutral supply. The
terminals can be used respectively for phase and
neutral as required.
When mounting the clip-on coil, simply press it
gently onto the armature, until it clicks into place.
An O-ring should normally be fitted over the
armature tube before fitting the coil.
Cable entries must always be screwed in correctly.
Please note for high performance range!
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