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Dimensions and weight:
For ordering please contact your nearest Danfoss dealer.
The OEM pressure transmitter, types MBS 1200 & MBS 1250 are
based on a thin-film technology ensuring an excellent vibration
stability and an exceptional robustness as well as a high degree
of EMI protection which enable them to meet the most severe
hydraulic applications.
A wide choice of electrical outputs as well as pressure connec-
tions mean that the transmitters are suitable for most applica-
tions within the mobile hydraulic segment.
MBS 1200/1250 OEM pressure transmitters for use in severe
hydraulic applications
Weight: 0.1 - 0.15 kg, depending on
pressure / electrical connection
And the compact designs make them ideal for installations
where space is at a premium.
• Measuring range: 0 -20 bar to 0 - 2200 bar
• Accuracy: +/- 0.5% FS
• Pressure reference: Gauge (relative)
• Output signal: mA, voltage and ratiometric
All dimensions in millimetres
MBS 1250 has an integrated pulse-snubber offering a high
degree of protection against cavitations and liquid hammer.
Cavitation, liquid hammer and pressure peaks may occur in
liquid filled hydraulic systems with changes in flow veloc-
ity, e.g. fast closing of a valve or pump starts and stops. The
problemmay occur on the inlet and outlet side, even at rather
low operating pressures.
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