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Sensor packages designed for customer needs
The extent of automation in both mobile and stationary applications has over the past decade increased dramatically and the demand for sensors
and controls has increased accordingly.
Danfoss has followed this development closely, and as a result we now have a programme of products perfectly aligned to our customer’s needs.
Box transmitter
Block transmitter
Cartridge transmitter
Cartridge transmitter
with flush diaphragm
Often used in applications
requiring robust performance
and enclosures. The Danfoss Box
solution has been on the market
for more that 30 years.
It is still widely used within the
marine sector
Used in applications where
space has become an issue. The
Danfoss “Block” design is more
compact compared to the tradi-
tional “Box” design.
Where a combination of Sensor
and valve is needed, Danfoss also
offers the “Block” valve - MBV.
The cartridge transmitter can
be mounted directly to the
customer’s system at the point of
measurement, even where there
is very little space. This eliminates
the need for extra piping and
Often used in applications where
measurements have to be made
on highly viscous or slurry media.
The front mounted diaphragm
prevents blocking of the pres-
sure port.
Front mounted diaphragm
In applications where there is a risk of liquid hammering and
cavitation it is recommended to select a transmitter with an integral
pulse-snubber. The Danfoss pressure transmitters with a pulse-
snubber are indicated with a “
” in the third type digit (example.
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