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The AV210 can operate at very high medium temperatures and
viscosities, and can withstand dirt particles in the medium.
Wide temperature range
Known as the ‘trouble-shooter’, the AV210 is made from FKM,
PTFE, and gun metal (RG5/bronze) or stainless steel (AISI 316),
so it can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C and as high
as 180°C.
Dirt resistant
Mounted on a spindle, the resilient internal valve seat is made
of AISI 316, a high grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel. And
the PTFE valve plate gives excellent resistance to dirt particles
in the medium.
Insensitive to media pressure and viscosity
Made for air, neutral gases and fresh water applications, the
valve is designed to operate with media viscosities up to
400cSt and 10 bar pressure – and it is not affected by low flow
rates or pressure loss across the opening.
Tight fit even at high differential pressures
As the valve seat is pressurised at the valve opening, the
standard AV210 valve closes against the flow. When closed the
spindle is not exposed to the medium, significantly reducing
water hammer. The AV210 can also close with the flow if
High capacity
For optimum capacity, the special control head design and
high closing spring allows the valve plate to lift higher than the
usual 25 percent of the valve diameter.
Modular design
Available in five sizes, it is easy to find an AV210 to suit your size
and pressure range requirements.
For even higher performance and versatility, the AV210 can be
fitted with the following accessories:
• Manual override
• Flow limiters
• Valve position indicators
AV210 angle-seat valve for high capacity applications
Valve seat
Control head
Valve plate
Compression spring
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