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The ‘fit and forget’ AVTA thermostatic valve
A self-acting thermostatic valve, the AVTA controls
the temperature in cooling water applications. Often
referred to as the ‘fit and forget’ valve due to its
proven reliability, the AVTA is easy to install and func-
tions without electrical power.
Self-acting - no electricity required
The AVTA does not require electricity to function be-
cause a temperature-dependent pressurised charge
or vapour charge provides accurate flow control
based on the sensor temperature. And because it
needs no power supply, it keeps working as long as
the coolant is pressurised.
Exact temperature control
Designed for low hysteresis, the hermetically-sealed
thermostatic element consists of a cylindrical sensor
connected to a bellow with a capillary tube.
Dirt resistant
The force-balanced design prevents particles from
adhering to the large valve opening. But if dirt does
become lodged in the valve, the sensor simply
detects that more cooling water is needed and the
valve opens wider to allow more water to pass and
dislodge the particles.
Insensitive to pressure
Pressure equalising diaphragms ensure reliable func-
tion across the entire pressure range – from zero to
ten bar pressure – by balancing the forces on the bel-
lows and setting sections. And with reinforced EPDM
diaphragms, the valve can take up to 25 bar pressure.
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