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The EV220B 15-50 for large capacities
and damping water hammer
A universal indirect servo-operated 2/2 way solenoid valve
range, the EV220B 15-50 is ideal for a wide variety of applications.
Effective against water hammer
To minimise water hammer, the valve’s moulded diaphragm re-
inforces internal damping, and a special damping cone provides
viscous damping in the very late closing stage. The closing speed
can be adjusted by changing the equalising orifice.
Insensitive to dirt
A self-cleaning coaxial filter in the main valve flow prevents dirt
entering the pilot system. However, if the equalising orifice does
become blocked, the dirt can easily be removed with com-
pressed air.
Broad temperature and material range
With a range of materials, there is an EV220B 15-50 valve suited
to your application. The EV220B 15-50 is available in brass, as well
as dezincification resistant brass (DZR) and stainless steel ver-
sions for aggressive steam applications.
The EPDM seals remain soft even at -30°C, while the FKM and
NBR rubber seals can handle temperatures up to 140°C.
Wide coil range up to IP67
The EV220B range uses the standard B-range of coils from IP00 to
IP67. Coils subject to water splash and temperatures up to 80°C
should use the more powerful and robust clip-on coils.
High capacity across the entire pressure range
The valve body has a smooth internal shape, and the specially
designed diaphragm increases the lift height capacity. In indirect
servo-operated valves, the kv-value is determined by the diam-
eter of the orifice and the diaphragm lift height.
Good external tightness even at high differential
Pressure in the valve increases the distance between the valve
cover and body, so the moulded diaphragm has a built-in O-ring
to avoid leakage. This provides an excellent seal between the
valve cover and body even at high pressures, ensuring excellent
external tightness.
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