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The EV210B is designed to control the flow of water, oil or air in a
wide range of applications.
Increased performance without increasing coil power
The EV210B’s non-fixed valve plate doubles performance with-
out increasing the coil power or reducing the valve’s lifetime.
When the coil is energised, the armature moves and accumu-
lates energy, and when it hits the valve plate, the impact lifts the
plate to increase performance.
Modular design for customised solutions
EV210B with direct actuator is extremely durable at high tem-
perature and pressure. The valve has a modular design which is
perfect for customised solutions.
Long life
Designed to last, the EV210B has a high wall thickness, a unique
square-shaped armature and a specially designed spring. And
because the spring movements are very close, wear is signifi-
cantly reduced.
Insensitive to dirt
Due to the armature’s unique design, there is a low risk of
particles sticking to the armature. If particles become lodged
between the armature and the armature tube or top, they will be
displaced by the fluid when the armature moves.
Optimum Kv-values for many connections
The optimum shape and diameter of the valve plate, as well as
the valve plate lift ensure that the EV210B has high Kv-values
Secure opening and closing
To prevent particles lodging in the armature, an isolating dia-
phragm is available for valves up to 4.5 mm.
The EV210B solenoid valve for
tough working conditions
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