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MBC 8100 thermostats are used in marine applications where space
and reliability are the most important features. MBCs are compact
thermostats, designed according to our new block design to survive in
the harsh conditions known from machine rooms onboard ships. MBCs
have high vibration resistance and feature all commonly marine ap-
provals. The fixed, but low differential guarantees accurate monitoring
of critical temperatures. Also available without marine approvals (MBC
8000; please contact Danfoss for information)
• Block design
• Fully electromechanical
• -10 to +200 °C temperature range
• Available with all relevant marine approvals
• Designed to meet the strict demands in the marine equipment
Dimensions and weight:
Approvals: CE marked in accordance with EN60947-5. All relevant marine approvals.
MBC 8100 block-type compact temperature switches for marine
All dimensions in millimetres
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