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MBC 8100 temperature switches are suitable for use in monitor-
ing and alarm systems in factories, diesel plants, compressors
and power stations, as well as in marine applications.
Alarm and monitoring
As part of alarm and control circuits, the switches give signals
within narrow non-drifting limits, typically in lubrication and
cooling oil applications, including diesel engines and gear
Compact space-saving solution
The block design allows packed mounting, providing a high
degree of integrity for your machinery.
The MBC 8100 compact temperature switches
Excellent vibration and shock resistance
Ideal for heavy-duty applications, the MBC 8100’s high vibration
resistance increases the reliability of the entire system.
Adjustable range with fixed differential
The MBC 8100 comes pre-set from the factory, but it also has
as an adjustable range and low fixed differential for accurate
monitoring of critical temperatures.
Resistance to media
The sensor pocket is available in brass or stainless steel.
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