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Dimensions and weight:
All dimensions in millimetres
MBV 5000 pressure test valve
The MBV 5000 is a part of a block concept covering block pressure
switches, block pressure transmitters, block test valves and acces-
The block concept has been developed to save space, weight, and
costs and meet the strict demands on marine equipment, including
EU stipulations on such products.
MBV 5000 is designed in many different configurations for use in
many different marine applications, for example: Monitoring, alarm
indication, shut-down, diagnosing on equipment such as motors,
gears, thrusters, pumps, filters, compressors, etc.
The block valve meets demands for fast installation, simple isolation,
and easy test pressure connection.
• The MBV block valves designed in many configurations are for
use with the MBC pressure switch or the MBS block pressure
transmitter within the marine industry
• The valve meets demands for fast installation, simple isolation
and easy test pressure connection
Weight: From 0.4 to 2.0 kg
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