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Designed to control and monitor industrial application systems,
the KPI is a compact and robust solution that offers safety and
Wide setting range
Available in pressure ranges from -0.2 to 28 bar, there is a KPI
with the pressure setting you require.
Pressure control for most industrial applications
Easy and stable setting values make it easy to control liquid and
gaseous media in most industrial applications, e.g. pumps and
Easy to install
The small dimensions of the KPI saves space and makes it easy
to install.
Shock and impact resistant
Vibration-proof from 0 to 1000 Hz, 4g (1g = 9.81m/s2), the KPI is
ideal for mobile applications where shock and strokes occur.
The KPI pressure switch for liquid and gaseous media
Ultra-short bounce times
The perfect Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) snap-function
minimises wear during each operation and extends contact life.
Cable entry for 6-14 mm diameter cables
Two cable entries on the front of the pressure switch provide a
number of possible electrical cable connections.
High contact load
The SPDT’s silver contacts can cope with loads up to 16A, 400V
AC3. And gold contacts are also available to ensure perfect
function with low electrical loads.
On average, the KPI can perform more than 400,000 electrical
operations during its lifetime, which is four times more than
approval requirements.
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