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A complete solenoid valve consists of: Valve + coil + plug.
The valves can be delivered as separate parts - valve housing, coil and plug or as complete valves:
In a closed-circuit system, there is no significant pressure difference
between the inlets and outlets. For example, central heating systems
are closed-circuit systems – as are tank systems where the drain is
located at a low level in the tank.
In an open-circuit system, one side of the valve is connected at a
relatively high pressure, while the other side is connected to lower
fluid or air pressure - for example a tap.
Complete valve or valve and coil separately
Valve housing
Complete valve
Insensitive to dirt
Long lifetime and high performance
Effective water hammer damping / soft
The valve design helps control damping in
the very late closing stage. To minimise wa-
ter hammer, some valves have an optimised
diaphragm assembly and equalising orifice.
By changing the equalising orifice on the
EV220B 15-50, you can also increase the
closing time.
A specially shaped and strengthened dia-
phragm reduces stress on the rubber, and
prolongs valve lifetime. Coil lifetime is also ex-
tended, depending on the shape and IP class.
A dirt-resistant valve is fitted with a coaxial,
self-cleaning filter which protects the valve
pilot. Valves controlled by a blue coil have a
square armature which allows dirt particles
to pass through easily.
Use the icons to help select the right solenoid valve for your application. Displayed on the top right corner of the following pages, the icons
symbolise values and applications for each solenoid valve type.
: Select the right valve based on the differential pressure of the system.
Open systems
Closed or drain systems
: The following icons indicate values for the different solenoid valves - select according to your needs.
Use the icons to find the right valve
Results are based on comparisons between Danfoss valves only .
Closed system
Drain system
Open system
Low Medium High
Low Medium High
Low Medium High
+ +
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