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In the CAS pressure switches series, special attention has been
given to meeting demands for a high level of enclosure, low dif-
ferential, robust, compact construction and resistance to shock and
vibration. The CAS series covers most outdoor as well as indoor ap-
plication requirements. CAS pressure switches are suitable for use in
alarm and regulation systems in factories, diesel plant, compressors,
power stations and on board ships.
• Pressure ranges: 0 to 60 bar
• Low differential (fixed) micro switch
• Enclosure IP67. Sturdy and sea water resistant
• Robust and compact construction
• Resistance to shock and vibrations
• Diaphragm version applications with: Pulsations/pressure peaks
and seawater as media
• Also available as differential pressure switch
• Available with all relevant land and marine approvals
Dimensions and weight:
Approvals: CE marked in accordance with EN 60947-5. All relevant land and marine approvals.
CAS heavy-duty pressure switches
CAS 133 - 139 1.0 kg.
CAS 143 - 147 1.3 kg.
All dimensions in millimetres
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