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A series of dedicated pressure switches, BCPs control, monitor
and limit the pressure in steam and hot water boilers. Simple to
install and operate, BCP pressure switches combine advanced
technology, durability and design to provide failsafe boiler
Fluid temperature
The BCP can cope with fluid temperatures up to 120° C. For tem-
peratures above 120˚C, a water-filled loop must be installed.
Pressure range from 0 to 40 bar
The BCP is designed to handle a wide pressure range from low
pressure BCP1 with a narrow differential, to high pressure BCP7.
Pressure connection
Electrical connection
Differential setting
Range setting
The BCP pressure switch for reliable boiler control
Plug and play (DIN 43650)
A DIN 43650 plug and an external reset – operated by a screw-
driver – makes electrical installation and operation easy.
Manual reset with a standard screwdriver
All BCP pressure switches are available with an automatic reset
for boiler operations, or a manual reset to be used as a safety
limit switch.
Failsafe versions
For added safety, dual bellows enable an off function (safety
cut-out) if a fault occurs.
The BCP range is CE-marked in accordance with EN 60730-1,
VdTÜV-Merkblatt Druck 100 TÜV. SDWFS/SDBFS. 08 – 335 and
PED 97/23/ED, category IV, safety equipment. It is tested accord-
ing to EN12952-11 and EN12953-9.
Bracket for wall and DIN rail mounting
The BCP can be directly mounted on the pressure connection or
wall mounted with a a bracket.
User friendly
• Easy external adjustment of the pressure setting and
pressure differential
• Separate scales for pressure setting and differential setting
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