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RT 112
RT260A, 260AL
RT262A, 262AL, 263AL
RT 113
RT pressure switches
Dimensions and weight:
Approvals: CE marked in accordance with EN60947-4/-5. Relevant marine approvals.
Weight: Appr. 1 kg
RT switches are used in general industrial, heating and marine sectors.
The RT single pressure switches series consist of a variety of controls
including neutral zone pressure switches and safety pressure switches
for steam boiler plant.
RT switches have been in service for more than 70 years.
• Pressure ranges: -1 to 30 bar
• Replaceable contact system
• Also available with gold plated contact systems
• Fail-safe design
• Adjustable differential
• Adjustable neutral zone
• Enclosure IP66
• Available with TÜV approvals
• Available with min. and max. reset function (IP54)
• Also available as differential switch
• Available with all relevant marine approvals
All dimensions in millimetres
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