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Autoclaves and sterilisers
High control and safety are essential within the autoclave
Temperatures and pressures must be controlled within narrow
limits over time by products with high repeatability and trust-
worthy performance:
Check of door sealing – type KP, BCP and RT.
Pressure controls of steam supply – type KP, RT and BCP.
Control and alarm of pressure in the process chamber –
type BCP, KP and RT.
Danfoss switches are intended for flawless alarm indication,
shut down, control and diagnostics in a variety of demanding
Cooling and lubrication systems for generators and gear-
boxes – type MBC, KPS, KPI, KP, CAS and RT.
Hydraulic units such as disk brakes and pitch cylinders
– type MBC, KPS and RT.
Power packs – type MBC and KP.
Hydraulic equipment and windmills
Marine applications where space and reli-
ability are the most important features are the
natural habitat of the MBC 5100 block-type
pressure switch. With their high vibration
resistance and all common marine approvals,
they are trusted at high seas.
The BCP pressure switch packs all our expertise
into a sleek, modern design. The advanced
technology built into this durable boiler control
sets new standards for reliability - and ensures
a long life with a minimum of maintenance.
On wind turbines, helping to increase the
amount of wind-produced power world-
wide, the KPS temperature switch provides
on-off limits when critical temperatures are
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