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When it comes to demanding applications, Danfoss’ know-how and expertise is unsurpassed. Our robust switches offer flawless
performance day after day and are trusted in the most challenging situations in a variety of industries and applications, of which
some are mentioned in the following.
Break down of essential functions in trains and ships due to
failures in the controls and safety equipment can be dan-
gerous, very costly and time consuming. These customers
therefore choose partners who have a good reputation and
superior products to offer, among others:
Temperature and pressure control and alarm functions in
lubrication oil systems – type KPS, CAS and MBC.
Pressure control for air compressors – type MBC, KP and RT.
Essential safety control on trains – type RT and CAS.
For boilers and in boiler rooms, accurate monitoring of steam/
hot water installations, heat exchangers and water treat-
ment equipment for feed water is vital. Danfoss’ programme
for steam and high-pressure hot water boilers and burners
Safety approved pressure controls – type BCP and RT.
Reliable alarm and safety functions – type BCP, RT and KP.
Marine and railway equipment
In water pumps and air compressors it is important to keep a
constant pressure and a continuous flow. To ensure this Dan-
foss offers a range of switches for:
Monitoring and direct start/stop of single or three phase
motors – type RT, MBC, CS, CAS and KP/KPI.
Dry run protection of pumps – type KP/KPI and RT.
Pressure and temperature switches
Industrial boilers and boiler room equipment
Water pumps and air compressors
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