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MBT 153 cable-type temperature sensors
The MBT 153 is a heavy-duty temperature sensor that can be used
for controlling cooling water and ventilation systems within general
industry and marine applications.
This temperature sensor is based on a standardized Pt100 or Pt1000
element, which gives a reliable and accurate measurement. On
request the MBT 153 can also be delivered with NTC/PTC elements.
The sensor is based on a stainless steel housing with a cable, which
makes the sensor extremely flexible.
The MBT 153 can be combined with a sensor pocket to protect the
silicone cable from the media. The MBT 153 has a PVC or silicone
cable as standard but it can be delivered with teflon cable on
• Temperature range -50 to +200°C
• Short response times
• Pt100 or Pt1000 resistance element
• 2- or 4-wire connection
Dimensions and weight:
Weight: 0.120 kg to 0.425 kg
depending on cable length
Approvals: CE, LR, DNV, ClassNK
All dimensions in millimetres
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