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Temperature sensors
Marine, MobileHydraulics and Railways
The increasing global focus on environmental and
safety legislations calls for more control and auto-
mation. Danfoss accommodate this by optimising
product functions and specifications allowing you
to comply with the new demands. Our wide sensor
range comprises solutions for:
Marine equipment
Mobile hydraulic equipment
Railway equipment
Sterilisers, Autoclaves,
Boiler and Boiler Room Equipment
Energy efficiency and safety are frequent challenges
in heating and sanitation applications. The answer is
highly reliable and accurate
measurements, which is achieved by using spe-
cialised sensors. Bearing the above equipment in
mind we have developed dedicated temperature
sensors for:
Sterilisers and autoclaves
Boiler and boiler room equipment
Machine and equipment
Industrial Hydraulics, Air Compressors,Water
Pumps and Industrial Engines
Within machine and equipment the temperature
sensor specifications depend on the specific ap-
plication. Close cooperation with customers has
allowed us to develop dedicated sensor solutions
Water pumps and air compressors
Industrial engines
Industrial hydraulics
Wind Turbines and Electric Power
One of the most distinct global challenges now
and in the future is how to produce energy in
a both efficient and environmentally friendly
way. In cooperation with some of the leading
manufacturers of process and energy equipment,
Danfoss has developed – and is continuously
refining – solutions for:
Wind turbines
Gen sets
Heating and sanitation
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