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Solenoid valves are an easy way to
control and regulate fluids and gasses.
Our programme consists of direct-
operated, servo-operated and assisted
lift versions. Solenoid valves are the
right choice when you have media
with limited dirt content and small
to high flow volume.
Our solenoid valve programme consists
of two ranges:
• The compact A range
– offering small physical dimensions
for control of flow where space is
• The high performance B range
– a sturdy and universal broad
programme for control of flow in
industrial applications and within
heating and sanitary systems.
Pneumatically activated angle seat
valves are designed for specialised and
demanding applications. These robust
valves are the right choice for media
with high dirt content, high viscosity,
high ambient and media temperatures
and large flow volumes. They are also
suitable for humid environments,
explosion hazard environments and for
applications with low or unknown
pressure conditions.
Thermostatic self-acting valves are
a simple and reliable way to control
the temperature of water-cooled
equipment. They do not require control
air or electricity and they are insensitive
to dirt and water pressure, making
them a highly robust choice.
Solenoid valves
Angle seat valves
Thermostatic valves
Three ways of efficiently controlling fluids
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