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1: Clip-on coil
The customer-friendly clip-on coil system
ensures simple and safe assembly and
disassembly without any tools. Further-
more, a hermetic seal against moisture
penetration is available if required.
2: Coil range up to IP67
The coil range goes from IP00 to IP67,
offering optimum solutions for a
variety of applications.
3: Best water hammer damping
Controlled damping in the very late
closing stage, an optimised shape of the
diaphragm assembly and the equalising
orifice minimise water hammering in all
Danfoss valves, down to 1.5 bar (acc. to
EN 60730-2-8, 6 bar test pressure).
4: Long lifetime and high
The lifetime of the valve is significantly
extended because of the specially
shaped diaphragm that reduces the
stress level of the rubber. This special
shape also ensures optimal flow.
5: Insensitive to dirt
The coaxial filter, protecting the valve
pilot, is self cleaning. If the equalising
orifice is blocked by dirt, it is easily
Broad range
Danfoss valves are available in brass,
DZR brass and stainless steel versions.
The standard brass version is suitable
for applications with limited risk of
corrosion while the other two are ideal
for more aggressive media.
Customised solutions
By working with Danfoss, you can get
precisely the valve needed for your
application. We can also modify our
products to your specifications, giving
you a valve optimised for your appli­
cation. And where the specifications
don’t yet exist, we will help you define
them – building quality into your
product from the start.
Benefit from outstanding features
EV220B 15-50
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