Page 3 - Zone Control Product Guide

Why Choose Aprilaire
Your Partner In Comfort?
The Right Products
Aprilaire has the right controls for any job
whether you are looking for simple low-cost control panels ideal
for new construction, an expandable zone system for light commercial or the consumer benefits associated
with the Model 6504 Intelligent Zoned Comfort system, we have the right control for your application.
The most reliable dampers available today
the patented Flexible Link™ design eliminates the components
most prone to failure… gears!
Thermostats to complete the job
while most Aprilaire zone control systems are compatible with virtually any
manufacturers thermostats, an Aprilaire thermostat is the best choice for a complete Aprilaire Zoned Comfort
Control system.
Aprilaire products are warranted for five full years from installation, helping to protect your
quality reputation.
Sales and Marketing Support
Aprilaire brand
well recognized and respected, the Aprilaire brand is synonymous with reliable, simple-to-
operate Indoor Air Quality products.
Free, high-quality sales literature
drawing on our many years of marketing Zoned Comfort Control to
consumers and light commercial users, we have developed a very compelling message for your customer that
will make selling zoning easier for you.
Consumer website
our state-of-the-art website,
, is designed to guide the consumer into a
purchase decision. The effective problem/solution format helps support your selling message and close the
Technical Support
Local training
Aprilaire has local representation available for on-site training and support. Our district sales
manager is there for you.
Unsurpassed technical support
a Zoned Comfort Control expert will be answering your call! The Aprilaire
team of technical support representatives takes pride in its mission to handle your issue with
Additional support
In addition to our highly trained experts answering your phone calls, we have a contractor
only website designed to provide you with the technical documents you need, from installation manuals to
technical bulletins. Aprilaire support is there for you 24/7 at