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Model 8051 Flush Mount Sensor
Provides opportunity to remotely mount the thermostat out of view.
May be painted or wallpapered to be virtually invisible.
Attaches directly to the Model 8570 thermostat with two wire connection.
Probe is 1.5” diameter. Friction fit in a one inch opening.
Model 8052 Outdoor/Duct Sensor
Designed for outdoor or duct installation (including with zone control panels).
Bracket can be removed to allow probe to be installed in radiant floor applications.
Compatible with both residential and light commercial applications.
Probe dimensions:
x 1.75”.
Bracket dimensions:
x 1.75”.
Model 8053 Surface Mount Sensor
Provides opportunity to remotely mount the thermostat out of view.
Designed for indoor installation.
Perfect for light commercial applications to prevent thermostat tampering.
x 3.5” x 0.875”.
Model 8022 3-wire to 4-wire Adapter
Any two thermostat equipment terminals can be combined with the diode pair (not
V hot or common) and wired to the Model 8022 through one wire avoiding the need
to run new thermostat cable.
Provides an extra wire without pulling new.
Ideal for equipment upgrades (single- to multi-stage, etc.).
Allows you to bypass a broken wire inside a wall.
x 3.875” x 1.25”.
Model 8023 Thermostat Adapter Plate
Use to cover marks left on wall or wall paper when replacing thermostats.
Matches color of Aprilaire thermostats.
Pre-marked drilling holes simplify installation.
x 8” x 0.21875”.
Model 8024 Universal Relay Pack
This relay card is a general purpose, 24-volt, three relay, dry contact, switching device.
Each relay can be switched independently with the coils sharing a common leg.
VAC +/-10%.
VAC; 2A (maximum).
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