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Aprilaire Thermostats
has a complete line of thermostats for all your applications, including those that utilize Zoned
Comfort Control.
The process of selecting the correct thermostat for the application is largely the same for both single
thermostats and zoning applications:
Determine if the application calls for a programmable or a non-programmable thermostat.
Determine what type of equipment you need to control and/or the requirements of the zone control
panel you will be using.
Understand the features and capabilities that your customers need.
Choose the Aprilaire thermostat that best fits your consumers’ needs.
has models available to suit your applications
and are dual powered, so no extra wires are needed when
changing out older thermostats. Advanced features such as air
filter and water panel service monitors, adjustable calibration,
and simplified programming make it a great choice for zoning
or stand-alone applications.
Model 8600
Touch Screen thermostat is the easiest most
intuitive thermostat to set up, install and use. A truly universal
thermostat, the 8600 fits nearly every application and is
designed to be both installer and homeowner friendly. With
an exclusive “message center” there are no codes to
remember and no manuals to reference, plus the 8600
provides valuable feedback and instructions to the
homeowner. With features like programmable fan, dual
power, built in dual fuel, large 10.3 sq. in. screen, vacation
hold, a no cost custom imprinting program and much much
more, the 8600 is the thermostat for the contractor and
homeowner who desire sophisticated simplicity. The 8600 is
configurable to operate in commercial applications as well.
Model 8800
communicating thermostat provides your
customer with the ultimate temperature control experience.
The communication feature allows the thermostats to be
remotely controlled through a standard computer making the
system the most convenient way to control comfort and
energy usage.
Model 8710
is Aprilaire’s first wireless thermostat.
Wireless thermostats offer the ultimate in installation
flexibility in zoning applications or when an HVAC upgrade
would require additional wires to be run through walls. The
is a two piece system comprised of the thermostat and
the control module.
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