Page 1 - Air Cleaner Upgrade Kit

We recommend you upgrade your
air cleaner today!
Now, your air cleaner can remove
even smaller particles with nearly
two times greater efficiency.
We can retrofit your existing Aprilaire
or SpaceGard air cleaner to accommodate
our new and improved filtering media.
It’s an easy upgrade that will remove more dust
mites. More pollen. More pet dander. Even
particles you can’t see, like smoke and viruses.
The upgrade is so simple, we can
do it today in a matter of minutes!
Incredibly easy. My entire family suffers from
allergies. I was very pleased (our air cleaner)
was able to be upgraded.”
Russ K.
Why? Cleaner air for a longer time
with no worries.”
Cormac S.
Aprilaire tested, Homeowner
accepted, Technician approved.
Form # 2353
Printed in USA
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