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The Model 8710 is Aprilaire’s first wireless thermostat. Wireless thermostats offer the ultimate in instal-
lation flexibility in zoning applications or when an HVAC upgrade would require additional wires to be run
through the walls. The 8710 is a two piece system comprised of the Thermostat and the Control Module.
Wireless control up to 100’ transmission range
Universal Thermostat
Single Stage or Multi-Stage
Heat Pump or Heat/Cool
- 3
Heat/2 Cool
- 2
Heat/2 Cool
• 7
Day Programmable, 4 Events/Day or
Copy function for easy schedule programming
Temporary and Permanent Hold
Auto changeover
Built-in dual fuel operation
Adjustable differential for all stages
Optional staging based on time
Backlight Display
Installer-settable maximum heating and minimum
cooling set-point temperatures
Adjustable compressor minimum on/off times
Control Module has multi-color LED to indicate type of
HVAC call and communication status
Easy addressing function allows multiple 8710
thermostats to be used in the same location
• 5
year warranty