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Humidity Control
Automatic humidity setpoint adjustment
must use ODT) or Manual Control
Displays indoor RH on User Interface
Notifies when humidifier is active
Operates whole house dehumidifier or air
conditioner to dehumidify
Displays indoor RH on User Interface
Notifies when dehumidifier is active
Energizes HVAC blower when dehumidifying
Fresh Air Ventilation
Provides fresh air with a motorized damper
or an ERV/HRV
Notifies when ventilation is active
Control limits based upon outdoor temperature
and RH
Can be set up to use ASHRAE 62.2 guidelines
or timed ventilation
Air Cleaning
Event-Based™ Air Cleaning – 4 selectable air
cleaning events
Constant Cleaning (24/7)
Automatic (30 min/hr)
Event Clean (3 Hr Cycle)
Allergy (24 hr Cycle)
Notifies when air cleaning is active
Controls EAC with dedicated 24 V AC
dry contact
Temperature Control
Universal Programmable Thermostat - 2H/2C
Conventional or 4H/2C Heat Pump
Selectable, 7 day, 5/2, 5/1/1 or
non programmable
Heat Blast™ allows one touch control of heating
to raise room temperature 3°F to 5°F
or 4 events/day
Screen lock-out to prevent unauthorized
Stage rate control uses equipment run time to
control HVAC equipment staging
Progressive Recovery feature ensures that the
setpoint is reached by the scheduled time.
Service reminders
Humidifier, water panel
dehumidifier, HVAC
Easy to remove battery cover — designed for
dealer branding program
Built-in equipment protection
Equipment stage indication
High and low setpoint temperature limits
Five year warranty
Copy” function for quick and easy programming
Multiple hold options maximizes comfort
and energy savings
Permanent memory — programming, time
and date are not lost during a power outage
Large 10.3 sq. in. touch screen
Large font size
Fully back lit w/ constant low intensity light option
Exclusive message center (provides feedback
and real language instructions)
Displays outdoor temp (w/ included 8052 sensor)
Real language programming/set up — no manual
needed, no codes to memorize
Features of the Model 8620 Thermostat
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Form No. 5220 06.12
Printed in USA
Thermal Specifications
Control range: 40º to 99ºF (4º to 37ºC)
Display range: 32º to 99ºF (0º to 40ºC)
Accuracy: ± 1ºF (± .5ºC)
Storage temperature: -30º to 140ºF (-34.4º to
Operating humidity: 5% to 90% relative
humidity (non-condensing)
Operating ambient temperature: 32º to 120ºF
º to 48.9ºC)
Shipping temperature range: -30º to 140ºF
º to 60ºC)
Outdoor Temperature Sensor Included
Flush Mount Indoor Temperature Sensor
Surface Mount Indoor Temperature Sensor
4 15/16”
High x 6” Wide x 1 5/16” Deep
Electrical Specifications
VAC (18-30 VAC)
amp maximum load per terminal
amp total maximum load (all terminals)
AC Power: 18-30 Volt AC
DC Power: 3.0 Volts DC (2 “AA” Alkaline
batteries included)
Standard systems: gas, oil, electric
Single stage/multi-stage/heat pump/heat cool
Millivolt systems
Terminal Designations:
I2, C, I1, O/B, Y, Y2, G, RC, R, W2, W, L, S2,
S1, T1, T2
Dual Powered — battery-powered and/or
hard wired
VAC power recommended with battery
Dual fuel operation (auto lockout of compressor
w/ call for back-up heat)
Integrated dual fuel kit w/ high and low balance
point control (using included 8052 sensor)
Remote indoor sensor option
w/ 8051/8053 sensors
Configurable manual heat/cool or
auto changeover
Configurable heating and cooling, heating
only or cooling only operation
Adjustable differential for 1st, 2nd, 3rd
and 4th stages