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We measure it.

Smart & Wireless

AC/R kit*

(2x) testo 549i Refrigeration

pressure gauges *

(2x) testo 115i Pipe-clamp

thermometers *

in the testo Smart Case

*Operates with iOS or Android smart devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc.

Measure high-side & low-side refrigerant pressure &

temperatures (simultaneously) of AC/refrigeration systems

Low-loss AC/R system checks. No hoses required!

Complete and compact wireless AC/R test kit

Calculate superheat and subcooling in the Smart Probe App

Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and

powerful testo

Smart Probes App

in your smart device

Tough, accurate, and easy-to-use

For all HVAC/R technicians and contractors


The testo AC/R Smart Probe Set is a combination of four

instruments to measure high-side and low-side pressures

and temperatures of A/C and refrigeration systems.

Configured to be used during commissioning, servicing, PM

and troubleshooting A/C and refrigeration systems. This kit

can be operated with no tools other than your smart phone

to communicate with the instruments. Users can remotely

read the measurements from multiple probes by using the


Smart Probes App

. The kit comes with a handy case

at a great value.

The testo

Smart Probes App

is a powerful and easy-to-

use tool. It allows you to remotely read measurements from

up to six (6) Smart Probes and easily document/report the

results. Automatic calculations make it a snap!

All measurement data is displayed as instrument readings,

tables, or graphs. The measurements can be quickly saved

as PDF or Excel files. The App creates custom reports

which can be saved and/or shared by email. All your data

can be stored and retrieved saving you hours of time

consuming paperwork!


+ App

testo Smart Probes App

for free download