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The need for storage and organization is bigger than ever.

We get it.

The original Bucket Boss® brand captured this demand for tools, and led to

phenomenal category growth fueled by the Bucket Tool Organizer

and Gatemouth Bag. Now we are

expanding to organize popular

lifestyle demands.

Introducing Auto Boss,

a 10 sku line geared mostly at

organizing the inside of your car, with a

couple of prime Bucket Boss®-style sku’s for core auto needs like

washing your car or storing your wrenches. The signature item is theWash Boss, an organizer

hold cleaning supplies like sponges, towels,

brushes and bottles, leaving the inside open

wash, or just store more supplies. A second

bucket organizer, theWrench Boss, is a new

wrench sets up to 14 pieces, from 1/4”to 1”, both SAE and metric, up

to 28 total wrenches! Not only are the wrenches organized, they are now at the

work out of their car. Fits easily in the passenger seat, with

even a large mocha.