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We didn’t go out and buy a brand name.

We built our own.

Founded by carpenters working the frozen tundra of Duluth,

MN, the legend began in 1987 when master carpenter/monster guitarist “Diamond

Dave” strapped a canvas apron on a 5 gallon bucket and called it a “Bucket Boss”. From

there, Bucket Boss went on to create the category of softsided storage, fueled by The

Bucketeer, The Gatemouth, & The Parachute Bag.

More Boss…

The need for storage and organization is bigger than ever. The

original Bucket Boss brand captured this demand for tools, and led

to phenomenal category growth. Now we are expanding to organize

popular lifestyle demands.

Introducing Auto Boss, a 10 sku line geared mostly at organizing the inside of your car, with a couple of

prime Bucket Boss-style sku’s for core auto needs like washing your car or storing your wrenches. The

signature item is theWash Boss, an organizer that fits on any 5 gallon bucket. TheWrench Boss holds two

14-piece wrench sets on a 5 gallon bucket, and keeps wrenches at the ready. The Mobile Office keeps

business people on the go. See more Auto Boss starting on page 36.

People need organization in the garden, too. Introducing the Garden Boss, a universal bucket tool organizer

for garden tools and supplies. Gardening is already one of America’s favorite recreational activities, and as baby

boomers hit retirement, its going to continue growing even bigger. The Garden Boss is a permanent home for

your garden tools and supplies, and can easily follow you around the garden for great convenience. No more

looking for where you left that trowel. See more Garden Boss on page 47.