Page 3 - 8910 Home Comfort Control

Humidity Control
Displays indoor RH on User Interface
Notifies when humidifier is active
Automatic humidity setpoint adjustment (must use ODT or Manual Control
Water Panel
replacement reminder
Displays indoor RH on User Interface
Notifies when dehumidifier is active
Operates whole house dehumidifier or air conditioner to dehumidify
Dehumidifier service reminder
Energizes HVAC blower when dehumidifying
Fresh Air Ventilation
Provides fresh air with a motorized damper or an ERV/HRV
Notifies when ventilation is active
Control limits based upon outdoor temperature and RH
Can be set up to use ASHRAE 62.2 guidelines or timed ventilation
Air Cleaning
Event Based
Air Cleaning - 4 selectable air cleaning events
Constant Cleaning (24/7
Automatic (30 min/hr
Event Clean (3 Hr Cycle
Allergy (24 hr Cycle
Notifies when air cleaning is active
Media replacement reminder
Controls EAC with dedicated 24 V AC dry contact
Temperature Control
Universal Programmable Thermostat - 3H/3C Conventional or 4H/2C Heat Pump
Selectable, 7 day, 5/2, 5/1/1 or non programmable
• 2
or 4 events/day
Dual fuel operation
High and low balance points (must use ODT
Screen lock-out to prevent unauthorized adjustments
Adjustable differential for all stages
Stage rate control uses equipment run time to control HVAC equipment staging
Progressive Recovery feature ensures that the setpoint
is reached by the scheduled time.
Heat Blast
allows one touch control of heating to raise room temperature 3°F to 5°F