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Aprilaire Model 8910 Home Comfort Control
The Aprilaire Model 8910 Home Comfort Control consists of two components, the User Interface and
the Equipment Control Module. The User Interface, located in the living space, integrates all indoor
air quality functions – heating/cooling, humidification/dehumidification, air cleaning and ventilation in
one attractive, easy-to-use, touch screen control. The User Interface offers homeowners the ability
to easily set all of their IAQ and HVAC products from one location in the living space. The primary
screen indicates how to easily activate and control set points. In addition, the display provides the
homeowner with confirmation that the equipment is operating at the desired control settings.
Equipment Control Module
LEDs indicate HVAC equipment and IAQ accessory status.
Optional Return Air Temperature
Sensor (RAT)
provides protection
with heating and cooling back-up
control if connection is lost.
Optional Leaving Air Temperature
Sensor (LAT)
provides the supply air
temperature during the installer test.
Included — Wired Outdoor
Temperature Sensor 8052 (ODT)
Optional Wireless
Outdoor Temperature
Sensor 8056 (ODT)
wire connection»
User Interface