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is much more than raising
Home Comfort Control
Model 8910
Home Comfort
Increase the number of IAQ products
sold per install
Increase recurring revenue from
service reminders
Improve customer satisfaction by installing a
control that is simple and intuitive to operate;
one location for confirmation and control
Easy, predictable install
No additional wires to pull
Fewer components
Real language programming, no need to
reference manuals for set up codes
Deliver optimum humidity, air cleaning, fresh air and temperature
and lowering temperature.
Integrated Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Humidity Control
Humidifier (Automatic or Manual
Event-Based™ Air Cleaning
Fresh Air Ventilation with limits
ASHRAE set-up
Universal system compatibility
• 3
wire design
Intuitive, simple user interface
Real language descriptions in
set up menus
Heat Blast
schedule override
Service reminders
Dealer imprint program
for battery cover
• 5
Year limited warranty