Page 5 - Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Factors to consider for
effective dehumidification.
Energy Efficiency.
Air conditioners are great at cooling air, but often require you to
over cool your home in order to dehumidify. An Aprilaire dehumidifier
allows you to keep your home at an ideal temperature without feeling
sticky. And when you use your Aprilaire dehumidifier, you can
achieve energy savings compared to air conditioning alone. Have a
vacation home that you only use part time? You can save by running
a dehumidifier instead of an air conditioner when you’re gone!
Portable unit
Whole-home unit
Convenience and Simplicity.
Aprilaire Central Dehumidifiers are easy and economical to maintain.
Simply clean the on-board air filter once every 12 months. In
addition, they operate in near silence and are tucked away out of
site. And, there are
no messy water trays
to empty.
Whole-Home Capacity.
Portable dehumidifiers treat the air in just one room. To properly
control health, comfort and preservation throughout your home, you
would need to purchase a portable dehumidifier for every room. In
this situation, you would consume more electricity than necessary.
A more efficient solution
is to have a single, whole-home central
dehumidifier installed as part of your home’s central heating and
cooling system.