Page 4 - Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Meeting dehumidification needs
in spring, summer and fall.
Whole-Home Protectionand Comfort.
Centralized installation works throughout your home to provide
dedicated moisture removal when your air conditioner alone is
not the answer. Here are just a few of the circumstances when
dedicated dehumidification offers the protection you need:
In spring and fall when humidity can rise but temperatures
aren’t hot enough to use air conditioning.
When excess moisture is more than your air conditioner
can handle alone.
In higher efficiency, tighter homes when air conditioning
doesn’t need to run as long, but trapped moisture continues
to build.
Extra Capacity and Protection for that
Musty Basement.
Excess humidity in the air can cause basements to smell musty and
feel unhealthy and noticeably damp. It can also damage furniture,
furnishings and stored items.
Do You Have a Portable inYour Basement?
Common portable dehumidifiers are a weak answer. They don’t perform
well in cool basement environments and you may need more than one
to properly treat the entire space. Plus, they’re messy, noisy and often
freeze up over time.
Aprilaire high capacity central dehumidifiers can remove up to
each and every day
and are significantly
more efficient than
in the same conditions, which means they cost less to
Whole-Home or Basement Control –
Choose the Best Solutionfor Excess Humidity Problems inYour Home.
More capacity • More efficiency • More convenience