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REMS Mini-Cobra S Set.

Electric pipe cleaning device with fast switchover, for pipes

Ø 20–50 (75) mm (Ø 1–3"), for drain cleaning cables Ø 8 and 10 mm. Complete with

drive unit 110 V, 600 W (0.8 HP), 0–550 rpm, pipe and drain cleaning cable with core

8 x 7.5 m. In sturdy steel case.

Art.-No. 170023

Drain cleaning cable with core 8 x 7.5 m

Art.-No. 170201

Drain cleaning cable 10x10 m

Art.-No. 170205

REMS Mini-Cobra S – quick removal of blockages!


Ultra fast reversal of direction of spiral feed/return by fast switchover.


Easy insertion

of cable directly through strainers in sinks and drains


Drain cleaning cables with

weather-proof and temperature resistant plastic core


Robust, maintenance-free gear

with safety slipping clutch


Universal motor, 600 W (0.8 HP), high-torque forward

and reverse at low speed

Automatic cable

feed and reverse!

German Quality Product

REMS Pull-Push.

Manual suction / pressure pump for fast removal of blockages.

With short and long sleeves. In carton.

Art.-No. 170300

REMS Pull-Push – fast removal of blockages!


High downforce thanks to front adjustable grip handle


2 adaptor sleeves for

optimum adaptation to the problem area: Short sleeve for sinks, basins and baths,

long sleeve for toilets.


REMS Helix VE – drilling, screw driving and deburring!


Ultra light, ultra small, ultra handy. Drive machine with battery pack weighs only

1.3 kg


Integrated LED work light


Ergonomically designed housing



electronic speed control


Li-Ion PLUS technology

REMS Helix VE Li-Ion Set.

Cordless power drill/screwdriver with Vario-Electronics

(VE) for drilling in steel, stone, Ø ≤ 10 mm, wood Ø ≤ 28 mm and other materials and

for driving in/loosening screws Ø ≤ 7 mm. Drive machine with keyless quick chuck,

clamping range 0.8–10 mm, right and left hand rotation. Electromechanical drive with

powerful battery motor 14.4 V, 300 W, 2-step robust planetary gear. 2 continuously

adjustable speed ranges from 0to300 rpm and 0to1,250 rpm, 25 torque stages plus

drilling stage, high torque of 31 Nm in the low speed range. Safety switch. Integrated

LED work light. Belt clip. Li-Ion 14.4 V, 1,5 Ah battery, Li-Ion/Ni-Cd 110 V, 50–60 Hz,

65 W rapid charger. 1 bit with double blade slot/cross-head, 50 mm long.

In carrying bag.

Art.-No. 190010

REMS REG 10–42

Outside/inside pipe deburrer for pipes Ø 10–42 mm, Ø ½–1⅝".

Art. No. 113810

Driver for REMS REG 10–42

for electric drive by power drill/screwdriver.

Art. No. 113815

REMS REG 10–54 E

Outside/inside pipe deburrer for pipes Ø 10–54 mm,

Ø ½–2⅛". For electric drive by power drill/screwdriver.

Art. No. 113835

Bit set,

comprising quick-change bit holder, magnetic, with

automatic bit lock, 12 bits (4 Torx, 3 cross-head PH, 3 cross-

head PZ, 2 slotted), in practical magazine with elastic band for

fixing to wrist or to the power tool.

Art. No. 190051



REMS cordless LED lamp Li-Ion – Ultra bright hand and

standing lamp. For cordless and mains operation.


LED technology with high brilliance


Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip


Battery compartment integrated into the handle Li-Ion 14.4 V batteries or Li-Ion

230 V power supply for mains operation in place of Li-Ion 14.4 V battery as an acces-



Practical, foldout hanging device


Lamp head continuously tiltable by 145°

for better illumination


Rapid charger for short charging times (1h) as accessory


No memory effect for maximum battery performance


With hanging device

REMS cordless LED lamp Li-Ion.

Hand and standing lamp for Li-Ion 14.4 V

batteries or Li-Ion 230 V voltage supply. Without battery, without rapid charger, without

voltage supply. In blister pack.

Art.-No. 175200

Accessories for REMS Helix VE and REMS cordless LED lamp:

Battery Li-Ion 14.4 V, 1.5 Ah

Art.-No. 571545

Battery Li-Ion 14.4 V, 3.0 Ah

Art.-No. 571555

Rapid charger 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 65 W

Art.-No. 571560