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REMS – at the peak of technical progress

New ideas, technical progress and REMS go together. This is underlined by many

valid national and international patents. REMS always succeeds in attaining the peak

of technical progress through innovative products. E.g. REMS Amigo, REMS Tiger,

REMS Curvo, REMS Power-Press, REMS Akku-Press – products which revolutionized

application technology.

REMS – guarantee of quality

REMS always regards the quality of its products as an important basis for customer

confidence. For REMS, quality is far more than just dimensional accuracy and

operation, and is based instead on a comprehensive quality assurance system which

commences even while demand from the market is being assessed, accompanies

the product during development and production, and is supplemented by systematic

quality analyses in the market.

While manufacturing and assembling REMS products, great demand is applied on

quality control ensuring a continuously high quality. Efficient CNC production centres

and modern measuring and inspection methods during the complete manufacturing

process and extensive quality checks during and at the end of the assembly process

guarantee a highly constant product quality. Moreover, the quality is regularly being

supervised and approved through testing institutes, who grant GS safety marks, during

plant checks.

REMS – exceptionally high safety standard

All REMS products comply with safety and accident prevention regulations and meet

corresponding European standards in accordance with the regulations of the EC

directives. The CE mark documents the conformity of the product with all require-

ments of all applicable EC directives. In addition to that – except a few manual tools

which are not relevant to safety – all REMS products are tested and approved by

independent testing institutes, e.g. TÜV. Therefore all REMS products fulfill a very

high standard of functional and operational safety.

REMS – market strength from a consistent product and sales policy

In addition to technically advanced and high quality products, the market strength of

REMS is based on its tight product line focussed on turnover and highly competitive

prices thanks to efficient in-house-manufacturing. The consistent sales policy rests on

long term projected results, confidence and predictability.

The most important principle of the sales policy

is the sale of REMS products soley through

specialist dealers who are supported in many

ways. With well equipped demonstration vans,

the REMS sales employees carry out product

training at the point of sale and demonstrate

REMS products at joint visits, counter days and

in-house exhibitions. Moreover, REMS counts

on an excellent service network and REMS

sales subsidiaries in many countries.

REMS – online information system

The REMS online information system

offers a large variety of

information on the REMS group of companies, the REMS products and how are

they being used and handled. Moreover the user finds the complete online-catalog

and detailed technical documentation, informations on latest exhibition dates and

addresses of authorized REMS service depots, down-load options of sales literature,

operating instructions, parts lists, product images and product videos, order options

for mailing sales literature in different languages, email addresses of REMS staff and

much more.

Headquarters in Waiblingen near Stuttgart

Manufacturing in Waiblingen near Stuttgart

Highly modern measuring and inspection

methods and trained experts guarantee

consistently high REMS quality.

In-house hardening department – an important

part of the know-how and the secret of REMS

quality tools.

Innovative – professional – reliable

Manufacturer of Machines and Tools for Pipe Working

REMS – since 1909

Since its founding in 1909, REMS has been producing tools for pipe working,

particularly for sanitary and heating installation. First hand tools, later machines and

electric tools. REMS has always marketed products which have made the work of the

plumber easier, faster and cheaper. The number one priority of the founder Christian

Föll was always and still is today: “REMS must be better”. Today REMS is one of the

leading manufacturers of machines and tools for pipe working, and because of their

innovative engineering and their high quality REMS products are used and greatly

appreciated throughout the world.

REMS – Made in Germany

REMS products, described as “German Quality Product”, are manufactured in

Germany. The REMS manufacturing facilities are located in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart,

right in the centre of the German high-tech industry. Here extremely modern systems

and equipment are available for research and development, for production and quality

assurance. Add to this qualified employees, some of whom are already working in the

4th generation at REMS and have at their disposal the high level of special knowledge

and wealth of experience so essential to the manufacture of quality products.

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