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Select pressing tongs yourself!

Search for the required pressfitting system in the opposite table and select the correct

pressing tongs size. Please note that pressfitting systems for gas installation may only

be pressed with the pressing tongs/pressing rings which are highlighted in yellow in

the table. Intermediate tongs are necessary for driving the REMS pressing rings (PR).

High-compression pressing tongs in forged and specially hardened steel. Pressing

contours of REMS pressing tongs are system-specific and correspond with the

respective pressfitting system. Thus perfect system-conformity, safe press jointing.

Pressing jaws of pressing tongs manufactured on CNC production centres ensure

high-precision machining of pressing contour. Hence far closer tolerances compared

to as cast pressing contour.

Drive through all REMS radial presses (except REMS Mini-Press ACC, REMS Mini-

Press ACC) and suitable radial presses of other makes. All pressing tongs marked

with * have an optional connection

(Patent US 6,739,172)

for manual drive through

the radial press REMS Eco-Press.

REMS pressing tongs –

for all common pressfitting systems

In Europe, REMS delivers pressing tongs

for over 300 pressfitting systems.

Application of REMS tools for pressfitting systems: Date 2016-10-09. REMS pressing tongs for other pressfitting systems on request.

REMS pressfitting tools

Universal for all common pressfitting systems

Ø 10–108 (110) mm / ⅜– 4"


For secure crimping within seconds


Can be used anywhere, free-hand, over

head, in confined areas


Only one universal drive unit for operating with REMS

pressing tongs and pressing tongs/pressing chains of numerous other manufacturers/



System-specific pressing tongs for all common pressfitting systems,

quickly interchangeable


Only one type of pressing tongs for all REMS radial

presses and suitable radial presses of other makes. All pressing tongs marked with *

fit into the REMS Eco-Press drive unit


Secure seating of pressing tongs by

automatic locking

Confirmation of suitability

The suitability of crimping tools is determined basically by the manufacturer of

crimping tools. Moreover the suitability of REMS crimping tools has been confirmed

by the system manufacturer/supplier himself or approved through independent testing


Confirmation of suitability through the system manufacturer/supplier

More than 90 % of the manufacturers/suppliers of the pressfitting systems listed herein

have tested REMS pressing tongs and confirmed the suitability for their pressfitting


Confirmation of suitability through independent testing institutes

The suitability of REMS pressing tongs for additional pressfitting systems have been

confirmed through independent technical institutes:


Exist for Geberit Mepla, Geberit Mapress C-STAHL, Geberit Mapress EDELSTAHL,

Geberit Mapress Kupfer, Nussbaum Cupress, Nussbaum Optipress, Uponor Unipipe,

Viega-’profipress’, Viega-’profipress G’, Viega-’sanfix P’, Viega-’sanpress’, Viega-

’Viegatherm P’, Wavin Tigris. The TÜV-certificates confirm that REMS crimping tools

are suitable for producing perfect and system-conformity pressing joints corresponding

to these systems.

German Quality Product

3.1 million!

REMS will have produced more than 3.1 million pressing tongs

by the end of 2015. This success confirms the leading role of REMS in press-jointing



ASTM F 1807

Patent US 6,739,172

REMS pressing tong with two pivoted

mono block pressing jaws. Top-selling

standard version.

REMS pressing tong (S) with one fixed

and two pivoted pressing segments,

for midsize dimensions.

REMS pressing tong (4G) with two pivo-

ted, parallel aligned pressing segments

for linear pressing of midsize dimensions.

REMS pressing rings (PR-3B) with 3

pressing segments for high quality, large

dimension pressings Optimum pressing by

radially controlled movement of the

pressing segments with adaptor tongs.